Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CTV Reports Attack Not Motivated by Hate - Rather a Hamburger Attack by Phillips

What drives a man to throw a hamburger into the cab of a truck full of of 4 guys? Was this hamburger attack unprovoked? If not, what motivated Jay Phillips to forfeit his dinner that night?

CTV NEWS reports the young attacker's friends claim the attack was not an act of hate, but rather retaliation to, 38-year-old, Jay Phillips' attack with a McDonald's hamburger.

It is not yet known if any of the 4 young men riding in the red Ford F150 were hurt by the Hamburger.

However, according to Phillips, the 4 men verbally assaulted him by calling him N****r and telling him that Courtenay was a "white town." But, again, It is also not yet confirmed if that verbal assault is what lead Phillips, who was on his way to the gym, to throw the hamburger into truck (not sure if it landed in the cab or bed of the truck).
New details have emerged about an alleged racist attack in Courtenay, B.C. captured on video. Friends of the suspects charged say the attackers were not motivated by hate.
Phillips says the attackers shouted racial slurs at him before the fight began. Racial slurs can be heard on the video.

But friends of the three accused say the YouTube video doesn't tell the whole story. They told a CTV British Columbia's Lisa Rossington that a cheeseburger was tossed into the truck they were driving before the fight broke out.

*Update* 9.7.2009 I was a bit satirical in my posting of the story above. But I just read an article which, I believe, is more objective in its wording:
Nobody knows yet just what initiated the assault on Phillips. He may have provoked it or it may have been his alleged assailants.
*Update* 10.7.2009 Today CHEK/Global released the full interview with these guys. The guys didn't mention anything about anyone getting hurt by the cheeseburger. Apparently it landed in the bed of the truck. And Maybe... just maybe reporting of the cheeseburger attack is news worthy. However, it's still ridiculous to mention in the press.

*Update 10.7.2009* Just now, the police statment metioned a water bottle being thrown. No word on a cheeseburger.

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