Monday, July 13, 2009

A-News / CTV Interviews Mother of Victim of Second Courtenay Hate Attack

More is now being reported:
  • 3.5 Hours later (approx 11:30pm) a junior-high-aged child was assaulted by a group of men where an unidentified 19-year-old man taunted the boy into a fight. Earlier reports mentioned the 3 men were participants.

  • The attack happened in the parking lot of the same McDonalds that was across the street from the attack on Jay Phillps.
  • After the fight, one of the men in the group said that the “tight skater pants” were associated with n****ers and that they were actually “n****er killers.”

  • They were released on condition to appear in court last week, but now are wanted under an unendorsed warrant due to this second attack coming to light. This means they’ll be under arrest until their court date.
  1. Not known if they are currently in custody under new warrant
  2. Not known who else was involved in the second attack
  3. Not known what happened in the 3.5 hours between the two attacks.

Theories on why another attack was formulated for 3.5 hours later:
  1. Wanted to call Phillips out for another fight by using the N-word so close to the scene of the first attack.

  2. Wanted to make it seem like they're not racist by attacking someone the same race as them. Since they shouted the N-word eariler during the attack of a black man, they wanted to let the RCMP know that they can use the N-word in a non-racial way -- by attacking a white child and using the N-word.

  3. Wanted to spread the blame on more guys by inviting more people to come watch a second attack. OR wanted more witnesses to point (2) above.

The mother of the child victimized in the second attack told A-News:
In the interview with A-News, the mother said, "He's a skater so he wears the tight jeans and he was told he shouldn't wear jeans like that because, quote, 'that's how niggers wear their pants', so he looked like a nigger, that they hated niggers, they were actually nigger killers." Then the reporter said that one person made reference to the attack on Jay Phillips 3.5 hours earlier that evening.

"I'm saying then why three hours later were you in the parking lot of the McDonald's saying, bragging once again about the fight and going on about being nigger killers?" the mother said.

Watching the interview, I thought the mother was inelegant at expressing herself, which made me question the sincerity of everything she was claiming.

*UPDATE 14.7.2009* after no statement from police since monday, they released some information to the Comox Valley Echo:
Echo: Trio charged in attack now suspected of second assault, Police hoping residents won't take vigilante action
Douglas said the second attack was not racially motivated, something that Phillips confirms.

"I think the victim's mother is white, but I think it was what he was wearing, that's what she said to me last night," said Phillips on Friday.

Douglas appealed to the public to remain calm in the wake of the highly publicized attacks.

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