Saturday, July 11, 2009

Credibility of Statment from Second Victim in Question

I'm saddened to hear that there maybe a second victim, who's assault,3 hours later, is just coming to light. It is unknown if this boy is known to any of the attackers.

An attacker seen covering up licence place while leaving the scene of the fight

I am again saddened to hear that the junior-high-aged boy won't be pressing charges. But who can blame him with all this media attention. At least he is providing valuable information to the police that maybe useful in Jay Phillips' case according to a press statement by RCMP Const. Tammy Douglas.

The 3 men charged with attacking, 38-year-old, Jay Phillips, said in an interview with CHEK, “It could have happened to anyone – white or black. We’re not into that crap.”

An attack did happen to someone black, and reportedly, someone white as well. Did the statement in the interview, coupled with the race of Phillips and the young boy, conveniently or coincidently mirror each other?

Phillips said a mother had called him and reported her junior-high-aged boy had been attacked, allegedly by White, Huber and Rodgers.

"She was crying, saying they beat him up just for what he was wearing," Phillips said. "I told her to press charges."

Douglas said the alleged victim does not want charges laid, but information from the alleged attack can be used to add evidence to the Phillips attack case.

Why did the mother contact Phillips first? Why did she not put her trust in the RCMP first? (I have no proof she contacted Phillips first). Unclear if the boy was targeted for his style of clothes, or for color affliation of clothing (like the rivarly between the Bloods and the Crips).

Did the 4th man/boy in the dark top seen in the video also drive the group of thugs to the second attack as well? If so, will he be charged as an accessory by the police?

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