Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Courtenay Mayor and City Council Voted 3-2 Against a Protocol that would help Fight Hate Crimes 3 Days After Attack.

According to Gregg Phelps, it was only was a stranged coincidence council voted aginst the protocol days after the attack. In additon, the mayor claims none of the city council member were aware of the attack before the vote took place.
Just five weeks ago, many organizations in the Comox Valley signed on to a protocol to deal with hate crimes at a moving ceremony hosted by former B.C. lieutenant governor Iona Campagnolo.

The only local government not to sign on was the City of Courtenay, whose city hall building is just a few blocks from the site of the attack. Mayor Greg Phelps would not provide specifics about why Courtenay didn’t sign the protocol, but said there was language in the document with which the city is uncomfortable.

There will be no change of heart by Courtenay City Council about signing the Valley's critical incident response protocol. The city was conspicuous by its official absence when the document - drawn up by the Community Justice Centre - was formally signed by 35 local groups and organizations last month.

Aniel Datoo, president of the Community Justice Centre, and Douglas Hillian, a board member, asked councillors to reconsider their spring decision not to sign the protocol.

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