Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Video Emerges

We were able to obtain a higher quality version of the video from a tipster. Although it’s not the original, it might have been an HD video ripped/saved from YouTube.

Earlier videos posted by other users were pulled off YouTube for showing the license plate number of the red truck. The copy we received was specially edited and subtitled to make out the license plate. We’re currently editing the video to protect the innocent and the identities of the attackers.

This might be the highest quality video available as we’re told the RCMP has the only uncompressed version of the attack; and they are not willing to release it.

One of the accused seen covering licence plate


  1. This is good as justice is more likely to happen the more clear evidence there is. What I think caucasian people need to know is that this is a blatent act of racism (caught on tape)and people not controlling their anger. However, these blatent things happen much more often than this as well as so called 'subtle'forms of racism to those of us who aren't caucasian on a weekly, if not daily basis. It is a lot different to have the 'lived experience'and that's what I'm speaking from. Racism is a complex subject and it often takes a lot to undo it.

  2. You're right -- racism is a complex subject. A good place to start ending it is to admit the problem does exist. 2nd step is to stop violent acts of racism. 3rd step is education and understanding. Those, I think, is where we need to start. It might not solve the problem entirely but I know it will do some good and we at least gave it a go.