Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cross Burning in Nova Scotia Terrifies Interracial Couple

I'm furious by comments on the blog of people playing down the act of burning crosses. It's an act of hate and terror. Plain and simple. People don't burn crosses for something to do -- they burn crosses to intimidate and to celebrate hate.

Recently an interracial couple in the small community of Poplar Grove, Nova Scotia awoke to a burning cross on their front lawn 2 months ago. By the time Shayne Howe got outside, all he heard was "Die nigger, die". Thankfully, two young men in their early 20's were caught and are being prosecuted for this hate crime - Justin Rehberg (19) and Nathan Rehberg (20).

Sadly, just last weekend the couple's car was torched and the police are currently investigating. It's no surprise, but the couple will be packing up and moving their children to a different community to start a new life. Who wins in this case? Its very sad, and I don't want to see this happen in our community.

Its very dangerous when our young people are practicing and celebrating racist culture. As parents, we have to watch our kids to make sure they don't burn crosses, post racist content on the internet, use racial epithets or draw racist imagery on personal belongings.

We have to do everything we can to try to keep our children out of trouble. It doesn't take much for young people to cross that line and act upon those racist attitudes. Especially with a little bit of alcohol, youths will lose all inhibitions.

Having our children start life with a criminal record and jail time is not what every parent wants. Instead, we want them to start life with an education and a good head on their shoulders.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

David White and Adam Huber Seen with Racist Imagery

It's unknown who's rumpus room this is, but it is littered with racists imagery and phrases. These include: "No Flat Brimmers and No Fags," "Whites Only," "Nayggers," "Triple White," and images of someone being hung from a noose, and sketch of a hooded character with the letters KKK.

Seen spending time in this room are David White and Adam Huber.

Despite all the racist and homophobic decor, the trio stated in an interview last year with Dean Stoltz from CHEK News that they are not a racist

David Samuel White Cross Burning

In a shocking revelation, pictures were recently posted online from a friend of the trio on April 23rd, 2010. In a Facebook album titled with the date "08-09," David White can been seen constructing a cross on a camping trip. In later pictures, the cross can be seen set a blazed and a shadowy figure parading in front.

Erecting and burning a cross is an act of hate commonly done by the Ku Klux Klan for intimidation. Lets not let these foolish stunts intimidate the people who live and work in the Comox Valley.

I just hope nearby campers did not witness this burning of a cross that night.


David White Pictured Hanging from a Noose on a Tree


We have unearthed photos from the facebook of David White and friends setting up a noose in the woods. To some, it looks like bunch of young men having fun with rope over a tree's branch, but in the United States displaying that kind of imagery is a punishable act (http://www.stateline.org/live/details/story?contentId=315733). This is due to the long history of the noose being used as a symbol to represented the lynching of black African Americans by racist white Americans decades ago.

Looking at their pictures of confederate flags spray painted onto cars, and other pictures where the confederate flags are fragrantly displayed on walls and clothing makes me think these people like to revel in the culture of the American Deep South.

Looking back at the video of the attack, I now have a better understanding of the mind set of these boys.

Dog Urged to Attack Jay Philips in YouTube Video


The forth guy who we though was urged to join the attack was actually Adam Huber's dog -- Spike.

Below is the amended transcript of the YouTube video.

0:19 - Get him Spike get him, Get him boy, get him Spike. [Off camera voice]
0:27 - Get him Spike! [Off camera, audibly louder and angrier]

0:44 - Get him Adam [Unidentified Attacker]

0:45 – Just fuckin' do it Adam [Attacker1 then pats Attacker 2 on back]

0:48 - [Attacker2 throws a punch, no contact]

0:50 - Lets take him down [Unidentified Attacker]

0:55 - Guy in truck, Come'on! [JP]

1:10 - [JP falls to ground and is swarmed by the 3 attackers]

1:19 - Ah get up [Sounds like Attacker1]

1:21 - Come'on and fight you fuckin' Nigger [Unidentified Attacker, JP, however, still defenseless in headlock by Attacker1]

1:22 - [Attackers disperses as bystanders come to help]

2:25 - Ahhh come'on! You're fuckin' dead [JP is heard screaming after getting back on his feet]

2:34 - You're fuckin' killing me.. you fuckin (inaudible).. you're dead.. what the fuck.. come'on [JP]

2:49 - Niggers [Unidentified male]

2:53 - Come'on you fuckin' goons, don't look at me. [JP]

2:55 - Do you want to come with me? I'll take you were you gotta go. [Bystander to JP]

2:57 - Come'on guys lets go [Unidentified Attacker]

2:58 - Good bye nigger. [Attacker 1]

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Picture Emerges of Adam Huber After a Fight

* Screenshot was altered to protect the identities of people and children who are not of public interest. Tattoo was also enhanced and isolated to better depict it

On Adam's personal Facebook page, a picture showing him holding this newborn daughter, bruised and swollen was posted by Adam November 17, 2009 -- nearly 5 months after the incident involving Jay Philips. Taking his injuries in stride, Adam replied to a comment by writing, "still smiling ;)"

The 3rd commenter, with the same last name Huber, had the impression that Adam was the one who "provoked [this] punishment." What is not known is if those injuries were as a result of a fight before or after the attack on Jay Philips in July 2009.

The tattoo that was questioned in the infamous YouTube video can be clearly seen in this picture.

Man Sentence to 2 Years for Racial Motivated Attack in Ontario

Acts of violence not only occur in rural BC, but Ontario as well. An epidemic of violence acts against immigrant anglers has made it to the forefront of news the in Ontario. Trevor Middleton, who was a promising and upcoming star in the world of motocross, was recently sentence to 2 years in prison for and attack that resulted to permanent brain damage to one of his victims. (read more:

These acts have been going for sometime now in rural Ontario, and attention as only been focus onto these racist attacks recently. Some have blamed the lack of response by some in the legal system, and the continued dismissal by some Ontario municipal and provincial leaders.

Lets hope our community, municipal, and provincial leaders here in the Comox Valley will learn from this case in Ontario so that we don't see an escalation of racial attacks against minorities here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Date Set for Trial

May 25-27 will be the new trial dates for Adam David Huber, Robert William Rogers, and David Samuel White. The trail will take place in Room 222 in the Courtenay Court House and is scheduled to start at 9:30AM on May 25th, 2010.

Trio heading to trial
Comox Valley Record - April 22, 2010

A new date has been set for the trial of the three men accused of assaulting Jay Phillips last summer, bumping the date up from the fall to next month.

A trial was originally scheduled for Oct. 4 for Adam David Huber, 25, Robert William Rogers, 25, and David Samuel White, 19. Following an application last month by Huber’s lawyer Tom Morino, the dates for the trial are May 25, 26 and 27, Judge Doherty confirmed Thursday morning.

The assault caught international media attention as an apparent act of racism, with three white men attacking the black Phillips.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trial Confirmation Hearing Date Set

April 22nd, 2010 is the date set for the trial confirmation hearing of Adam Huber, David White, and Rod Rogers. Usually, a trail is set for a month after the confirmation hearing.