Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dog Urged to Attack Jay Philips in YouTube Video


The forth guy who we though was urged to join the attack was actually Adam Huber's dog -- Spike.

Below is the amended transcript of the YouTube video.

0:19 - Get him Spike get him, Get him boy, get him Spike. [Off camera voice]
0:27 - Get him Spike! [Off camera, audibly louder and angrier]

0:44 - Get him Adam [Unidentified Attacker]

0:45 – Just fuckin' do it Adam [Attacker1 then pats Attacker 2 on back]

0:48 - [Attacker2 throws a punch, no contact]

0:50 - Lets take him down [Unidentified Attacker]

0:55 - Guy in truck, Come'on! [JP]

1:10 - [JP falls to ground and is swarmed by the 3 attackers]

1:19 - Ah get up [Sounds like Attacker1]

1:21 - Come'on and fight you fuckin' Nigger [Unidentified Attacker, JP, however, still defenseless in headlock by Attacker1]

1:22 - [Attackers disperses as bystanders come to help]

2:25 - Ahhh come'on! You're fuckin' dead [JP is heard screaming after getting back on his feet]

2:34 - You're fuckin' killing me.. you fuckin (inaudible).. you're dead.. what the fuck.. come'on [JP]

2:49 - Niggers [Unidentified male]

2:53 - Come'on you fuckin' goons, don't look at me. [JP]

2:55 - Do you want to come with me? I'll take you were you gotta go. [Bystander to JP]

2:57 - Come'on guys lets go [Unidentified Attacker]

2:58 - Good bye nigger. [Attacker 1]

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