Friday, December 17, 2010

1st Day of Sentencing

Confederate Flag: Association to American History or Active Support for Racism?

During the trial, all three were found guilty of assault. Crown prosecutor Robert Richardson was able to get section 718.2 of the criminal code applied to David White's sentencing. This would allow the court to consider racial prejudice or bias as an aggravation to the assault. Although, I might agree to label it a hate crime should be reserved for more heinous acts and displays of racism, White should receive a heavier sentence for his racist outburst towards a stranger on the street.

Eric Chesterley, White's lawyer, claimed that his client is not a racist. Racist or not, White did say a horrible thing towards Jay Phillips from the back of the pickup truck. It was discovered through court proceedings that White, without provocation, yelled "There's a nigger" within earshot of Phillips, a black man himself. No one should be subject to that kind of racial and verbal abuse. He may not be racist in the true sense as claimed by Eric Chesterley, but we do know he doesn't have respect for black people he if he fragrantly uses the N-word in public like that

I don't think racial jokes, insults, discrimination, and abuse will decrease from the publicity of this case. Jokes will still be said behind people's backs. Minorities will still be distanced and isolated from certain social groups. And people will still be harassed on the street for being a different race in the Comox Valley. But hopefully, we'll learn that if you single someone out based on the colour of their skin and assault them physically or verbally, there will be consequences.

Oblivious to most people of the Comox Valley, a racist subculture that celebrate the history and culture of the American deep south is brewing in the Valley. Everytime you see a confederate flag on a vehicle or piece of clothing, ask yourself what you think that person is celebrating by displaying it? More than likely, they're celebrating and representing the racist redneck subculture prevalent in the Southern United States.

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