Sunday, April 25, 2010

David White and Adam Huber Seen with Racist Imagery

It's unknown who's rumpus room this is, but it is littered with racists imagery and phrases. These include: "No Flat Brimmers and No Fags," "Whites Only," "Nayggers," "Triple White," and images of someone being hung from a noose, and sketch of a hooded character with the letters KKK.

Seen spending time in this room are David White and Adam Huber.

Despite all the racist and homophobic decor, the trio stated in an interview last year with Dean Stoltz from CHEK News that they are not a racist


  1. This website is a load of shit. Way to represent one side of the story. It doesn't mean everything written here is true. And so what if it is? I'm usually anti-racism but this is just pathetic. What exactly do you think this blog is doing? Who do you think you're keeping Courtenay safe from? These guys aren't murderers and last I heard, Jay was being a dick as well. He didn't deserve what he got but you guys are taking this way too far.

    And deleting this comment will only prove my point that you guys are only interested in your own agenda rather than reporting things that are 100% true and the full story instead of one side. Or instead of how you guys see it. This blog doesn't speak the truth.

  2. Hi Tom.
    Great site, I would love to chat with you sometime about the problems that regard this case. Is there a way we could do that not on here...I think you would find my views very interesting.

  3. Hi S and thanks for you comment. Don't worry I don't delete comments. If there are any inconsistencies with any facts or doubts of objectivity, please post your concerns in the comments section of the blog post in question, and I will deal with it.

  4. Come on people, it is obvious that these people are quite clearly anti "naygger" and NOT anti "nigger". Why has no one stepped up and investigated who or what these "nayggers" are and what the source is of this dislike of them? A bit too soon to judge before we get all the facts straight if you ask me.

    Secondly, the person hanging from the tree in the picture has a quite pronounced beak. I have known many people of african descent over the years and not a single one has had a beak or even a beak-like appendage. Maybe it is the bird-people who we should be defending against potential attacks, if there truly are bird-people that is. Perhaps it is these bird-people whom are referenced by the term "naygger". As many of my East Indian brethren will be aware, there is a mythological snake-people who are called the "naga". Maybe there is some kind of relation?

    I also upon inspecting the pictures notice no cigarettes anywhere on the tables or being consumed by the people in the pictures. Being that these youths are of English ancestry, perhaps the "no fags" comment is in reference to their anti-smoking stance? The English angle may also explain the "no flat brims" comment. It is well-known that the Quakers, distinguished by their flat brimmed hats, were persecuted for years in Britain due to their anti-war/anti-violent stances. These young men are quite obviously not pacifists and perhaps this is a slur against these peaceful brethren. I might also note to our brothers in Black Creek that the Mennonites are known for their flat-brimmed headware and pacifism. Why have their voices not been heard?

    Finally, as far as the "triple white" sign, this could not be in reference to the "white" people in the picture as there are clearly more than three of them. Has anyone bothered to look into whether there are any trios of white objects to be found in the picture such as candles, socks or other handy items that are white in colour? I see three white beer cans in the picture with the cake. Also pictured are three bottles of the smirnoff ice product, three white bowls and, three white candles. Are we not "race-ing" to conclusions here?

    We need to be the eyes and ears of our children's protection here people, so let's try a little try why don't we? It is not my opinion that these are not hateful young men. That is obvious. But the crux of my point is that we need to take a closer look at whom or what this hate is of. There could be unknown victims of this kind of negative intent out there and I feel it's important to try and give a voice to ALL of them.

  5. Thanks for your post Unicorn Dancer. I found your reference to the English term for cigarette especially funny.

    I feel publishing these pictures does more good than harm. It could be true that they don't hate any race, but that is besides the point.

    What is disturbing is the fact that these young people are celebrating racist culture. That act in itself shows how much respect they have for black people.

    Solving problems require discussion, and I think you're doing a good job at bringing this topic to discussion and representing your point of view.

  6. Tom, there have been angry, ignorant people on this island and in this province in general for a very long time.

    It pays to remember that this province was built on the backs of fishers, loggers and miners, and these men worked long and hard to make sure that one day their grandchildren would be able to comfortably drink lots of beer, drive big trucks, shout a lot, burn stuff and most importantly, to have fist fights about issues like, "what did you just say?", or, "who the fuck are you?", or even, "did you just throw a cheeseburger at my truck?".

    Most of these guys end up living in their parent's basements until they're in their thirties so perhaps we should be asking who allowed their rumpus room to be decorated in such an unrumpuslike manner, and perhaps you will find the source of the unmitigated bullshit being spewed from the mouths of babes.

    But that's all just heresay and conjecture and that's no way to get ahead in life, so nevermind. Have a kit-kat!

  7. The saddest thing about these white supremacist wannabees is their lack of self-respect.
    They are emotional infants, having little self-confidence or esteem, and therefore finding this sense of self through group affiliation. The most pathetic of these people / groups bully those of weaker socio-economic status since they are 'safer' targets and less likely to threaten these emotionally bruised little men. You can blame their parents or blame the school system, but most of all, you should blame the individuals themselves.