Saturday, April 24, 2010

Picture Emerges of Adam Huber After a Fight

* Screenshot was altered to protect the identities of people and children who are not of public interest. Tattoo was also enhanced and isolated to better depict it

On Adam's personal Facebook page, a picture showing him holding this newborn daughter, bruised and swollen was posted by Adam November 17, 2009 -- nearly 5 months after the incident involving Jay Philips. Taking his injuries in stride, Adam replied to a comment by writing, "still smiling ;)"

The 3rd commenter, with the same last name Huber, had the impression that Adam was the one who "provoked [this] punishment." What is not known is if those injuries were as a result of a fight before or after the attack on Jay Philips in July 2009.

The tattoo that was questioned in the infamous YouTube video can be clearly seen in this picture.


  1. I'm a disappointed that although you went to the trouble to use the whole page, you edited the photo removing and changing the tone of the picture. If you left it as a picture of a proud new father it would have been fine. It wouldn't have suited your purpose and I believe that to be disingenuous. You may wish to correct your error in the interest of the truth and fairness.

  2. What is the tone of the picture?
    "I'm tough, look at how beat up I am. I'm really happy while I present myself like this, one day I hope my child can follow in my great big proud footsteps."

    Is that the tone?