Saturday, July 11, 2009

CHEK/GlobalTV 'Their side of the story' Interview, Now Removed from Their Video Archive *UPDATE*

*UPDATE 12.7.2009* Video may have been taken off due to symbol shown. Too soon to speculate until more on the symbol, displayed on Adam Huber's sweater, can be learned.

Today, CHEK/GlobalTV removed their contraversial interview with the 3 men charged with a racially motivated attack on Jay Phillips, a black man from Courtenay, BC.

Possibly because the reporting was flawed (video, my concerns) on the video, IMO, is a little self incriminating to the 3 attackers. Or that their account of what happened during the fight did not match the short timeline in the video. One of which is how they claimed they let Jay Phillips back on his feet because they thought he had enough. In the video, it was clearly shown that one of the attackers stopped the onslaught of punches when he notices two cars driving into the complex to intervene.

The video is full of inconsistencies of what has been reported and shown on video. I don't have time to talk about them all, but when I do, I might post the video on youtube and point most of them out.

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