Sunday, July 12, 2009

Insight Into Life of One of the Accused Attackers by Loving Sister

We learn more into the personal story of one of the three men charged. I think it's a sad situation but we must learn from it. I want to thank his sister on speaking out and providing solutions and helping the community heal from this event.

Excerpt from the Keep Courtenay Safe Facebook Group:

David and his so called “friends” fucked up really bad, and they’re going to lose this one, for a huge reason (but not the only reason), it was caught on camera.
I’m sure some of you are travelers in some way, every where around the world there are hate crimes, and it just shocks all of us because it happened so close to home. Do yourselves a favor, see the world and don’t get stuck in a small town like Courtenay where you become jaded and stupid. Educate yourselves by opening yourself up to the world, choose enlightenment over happiness, we often forget what we were taught as small children (and Tina Berg, I thank my mom constantly for teaching us that color doesn’t matter) because we surround ourselves with Courtenay “jiggers” and people that don’t actually care about our well beings. Racism still exists and forever will, but we CAN do something about it! Even our beloved messed up Michael Jackson (RIP) as corny as this may seem said in one of his songs, “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change.”

My siblings and I were brought up Orthodox Jewish for 6 years!??? We were NOT taught to discriminate against color in any way; in fact my dad preached the complete opposite on a near day to day basis. My Father converted while my brother was teased starting at the age of 8 years old. The whole change took a toll on my family. My father later on due to many hardships committed suicide and had previously influenced my brother into drugs and my brother spent a lot of time surrounded by other messed up kids in a juvenile institute at the age of 14. He and the rest of my family have seen things that most adults will never experience. It fucked with his head, and there is NEVER an excuse to HATE on other races, what he and his friends did that day was wrong in every sense of the word, and believe me he IS terrified. There HAVE been threats to not only him but to the families involved. I WILL NOT stand aside, or hide in a cave just because he is my brother. I love my brother, and I called him as soon as I heard just to tell him that, but I also told him my intake on the whole scenario.

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