Thursday, July 9, 2009

Accused Racist Criticizes Media for Putting His Family in Danger

Gone are the days of being able to call someone the N-word, to provoke a fight, without putting your family’s safety in danger. This fact was hard to swallow by one of the accused in his interview with CTV. This impromptu interview was conducted while in the middle of his family’s move.

If you think you can call someone the N-word to get their blood boiling and NOT think you're going to put your family's saftey in danger, then you must think you're living in another era!

These young men still don't realize they are the ones reponsible for their actions. Ironically, they’ve taken on the victim mentality instead of helping the public heal from this incident.

I would like to close with saying that people, friends, and family associated with the 3 men, shouldn't be harassed. They never did anything wrong. Instead, they should be outraged at the 3 young men for putting them in that situation.

CTV News caught up with the three on Thursday at a Courtenay residence they said the attention is getting to be too much and they are moving out of town.

"I can't answer, I'm in the middle of moving, my wife and kid are in danger, seriously," one of the men told CTV British Columbia's Lisa Rossington.

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  1. Criticizing the media for putting his family in danger??? Is this fucking punk for real??? He's god damn lucky his wife and kid haven't left him because of this garbage. I would have spread my kid all over the god damn parking lot if I caught him committing an act like this. Unbelievable.