Monday, July 6, 2009

Guys fights back after being racially targeted in Courtenay

On July 3rd, 3 men verbally assaulted a black male. This escalated into a physical flight where the 3 racists jumped on the black male. Although both parties were mutually engaged in the fight, the one racist threw the first punch. Although Im not a legal expert, I hope these guys get charge for hate crimes for their racially charged verbal and physical assault.

From the rumors going around town, sounds like one person got arrested. It might be the guy who was pushing his friends closer to the victim during the shouting matching.

I dont support any vigilante action against these guys I hope the police will deal with these guys so that this hate crime doesnt occur again in our town. Lets make this place a city where anyone, no matter who you are, can have the freedom to go anywhere they want.

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