Friday, July 10, 2009

Dean Stoltz shows Attacker's Letter of Apology to Jay Phillips

Watch Video Here:

On a short segment on Global TV's earily evening news (July 9th), a reference, in the letter, to an alleged thrown cheeseburger was made news by Globle TV. Reporter for CHEK, Dean Stoltz, who earlier that afternoon interviewed the accused attackers, urged Jay to read the letter on his laptop. Jay Phillips, for days, has refused to read the letter until confronted by Stoltz. As Stoltz read out the letter and mentioned the reference to the thrown cheeseburger, Phillips was to quick denounce the Letter of Apology as full of lies. He then asked Stoltz to stop. The letter seemed to have been given to Dean Stoltz in electronic format by the three men. I guess it's an Open Letter of Apology and not personally written for Jay Phillips?

I urge Mr. Stoltz to make public the contents of the letter so we can see why Phillips was so upset by its contents. I question the sincerity of the letter and whether or not it's a sham of an apology. It's a very sensitive time in this case, and right now the Crown counsel is reviewing it to determine if charges should be laid. I also urge the counsel to take a look into the contents of the letters delivered to both Dean Stoltz and Jay Phillips to see if they are identical.

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