Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Transcript of YouTube Video

Although some of the context is lost when you just read it, a lot can be learned from the language that was used to help people determine, on their own, whether a hate was committed that day.

Our best efforts were used to try to transcribe everything that was said. If you believe there was an error in the transcription, please post in the comments.

0:19 - Get him Mike get him, come'on Mike. [Off camera voice]

0:27 - Get him Mike! [Off camera, audibly louder and angrier]

0:44 - Get him Adam [Unidentified Attacker]

0:45 – Just fuckin' do it Adam [Attacker1 then pats Attacker 2 on back]

0:48 - [Attacker2 throws a punch, no contact]

0:50 - Lets take him down [Unidentified Attacker]

0:55 - Guy in truck, Come'on! [JP]

1:10 - [JP falls to ground and is swarmed by the 3 attackers]

1:19 - Ah get up [Sounds like Attacker1]

1:21 - Come'on and fight you fuckin' Nigger [Unidentified Attacker, JP, however, still defenseless in headlock by Attacker1]

1:22 - [Attackers disperses as bystanders come to help]

2:25 - Ahhh come'on! You're fuckin' dead [JP is heard screaming after getting back on his feet]

2:34 - You're fuckin' killing me.. you fuckin (inaudible).. you're dead.. what the fuck.. come'on [JP]

2:49 - Niggers [Unidentified male]

2:53 - Come'on you fuckin' goons, don't look at me. [JP]

2:55 - Do you want to come with me? I'll take you were you gotta go. [Bystander to JP]

2:57 - Come'on guys lets go [Unidentified Attacker]

2:58 - Good bye nigger. [Attacker 1]

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