Saturday, July 11, 2009

Men Charged Known in the Commuity As Racists and Trouble Makers According to Post

Are any of these 3 men known to police? According to their CHEK interview, they claim to have a clean record.

"..... A couple of the "quality" people live in my neighbourhood and always are disrupting the area with loud parties telling the neighbourhood to f off and mind their own business, when you want them to shut-up at 2am. Since their movie came out they have not been around and the area has been nice and quiet every night since.
I hate to say it but the point of my posts was it has been nice and quiet in my neighbourhood since this all came to light. They have been lying low and scarce, haven't been kept awake or woke up at 2am since, it has been very nice. I have staff that know these guys and they tell me this is not out of character for them,
and they are very much tilted towards the racist side. They revel in the deep south thinking, including the confederate flags throughout their homes and a string of racist comments and jokes regularly."

I, and many others, have complained online about the flagrant display of the Confedrate Flag in the Comox Valley, which had no role in Canadian history. However, in any other "progressive" (used for a lack of a better term) city it wouldn't be acceptable. I don't believe we should have a bylaw against having it displayed (considering what happened at the last Courtenay City Counsel meeting, I don't think they would had cared anyways). I believe people should have the freedom to say and display anything they want, as long as it doesn't offend the population at large. Only that we, the public, should frown upon its display as a tasteless act. If you're a true Canadian and proud of it and want to support the feedom that comes with it, then I would fly the Canadian flag!

Whether we like it or not, Courtenay is widely known as a "hick" town. Some people relish the city's title, while some people despise it. Also, I want to say that Cowboys are not racists and there is such a thing as a sophisticated cowboy who still drives a 4-wheel drive. Look at Alan Jackson - he's a real cowboy and also a real classy stand up guy. Like how Calgary is refered to as loving a Country City, can we be progress and still be able to wear our cowboy hats & boots without being labled a racist? In Calgary everyone dresses country... white, black, brown, whatever... it's rual country culture they celebrate there. If anything, these 3 boys have also attacked the freedom and reputation of cowboys everywhere. Whatever the case, we all call the Comox Valley our home and we want to keep it a safe and respectable place for anyone to live and work.

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  1. I watched as the Courtenay City Council rejected signing the Justice Committees Protocol for dealing with harassment, intimidation & racism.

    Anneal Datto shared a personal story of racism that he encountered as a young man on a soccer team.

    Mayor Phelps response was "Maybe we should ban Soccer."

    I can see the point that this document may be flawed; the wording may not be perfect and the protocol perhaps redundant.

    Greg and councillors agreed that it's simply a "Feel Good" document. Right now I need to Feel Good! Courtenay needs to Feel Good, We need to feel Safe, and we need to feel part of a community that shares the values of this protocol.

    Stop being so stubborn; in light of these recent events, your reasons don't seem so valid anymore.

    Sign the damned protocol.

    John Van Egmond