Saturday, April 24, 2010

Man Sentence to 2 Years for Racial Motivated Attack in Ontario

Acts of violence not only occur in rural BC, but Ontario as well. An epidemic of violence acts against immigrant anglers has made it to the forefront of news the in Ontario. Trevor Middleton, who was a promising and upcoming star in the world of motocross, was recently sentence to 2 years in prison for and attack that resulted to permanent brain damage to one of his victims. (read more:

These acts have been going for sometime now in rural Ontario, and attention as only been focus onto these racist attacks recently. Some have blamed the lack of response by some in the legal system, and the continued dismissal by some Ontario municipal and provincial leaders.

Lets hope our community, municipal, and provincial leaders here in the Comox Valley will learn from this case in Ontario so that we don't see an escalation of racial attacks against minorities here.

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  1. Its amazing to me that that which you can see through a video which transmits to your brain can muddle up your perception when it is all so clear...Three white guys trying to lay a beating on a single black chicken shit can it get? And not only that one of the white boys should have a tu-tu on the way he pretends to be tough....(mabey even a pink one!)
    How wrong can it be? If one was to put one on one in a ring you know none of them would show up to stand up like a man....Im sure in fairness mr Phillips would think it fair if it came to that.
    People talk about the shouting as the fight receded coming from Jay....maybe we could take into account adrenalin and the confusion with the very concept that this would even take place here in the valley! or anywhere for that matter.
    This degradation of the human condition .....didn't we leave that mindlessness back in time.....or is there an underlying belly of the beast that no one wants to admit that maybe the proliferation of hate and racism has found a new home in these punks? And to take it further...what about those that brought these guys up? Not that we should excuse any of them for any of this.....
    When they get charged and sent know for a fact that when they get inside the company they get to keep are not going to be full of bleeding hearts and find some kind of compassion for them.....A lot of that population are going to know exactly why these guys are there and how they got you think that any excuse they give will hold any water at all......I'mj sure the sickness that these guys carry with them will be "doctored" out of them almost as soon as they sign in for their time.
    However you want to look at it this happened, it can't be denied, (see famous video) and open your eyes ....the rest of the world saw it. Here it is......bottom line.....more than one on one is chicken shit......three on one gets to the point where there is no bravery anymore...and what these three did on this video shows without a doubt just what kind of punks they really are....
    ..We should spend time and money on this kind of refuse? We should even contemplate that they need "community service" of some kind? You know its not finished in the valley.....where there's one of this kind of thing you know for sure there are more.....they can't stand alone.....they need the vile company of each other to feed the courage that they can't find within themselves to stand as a man and sort it out in their own minds what is right or wrong. These three punks got it wrong.....period.
    So if you can put your faith in the "justice" system....wait for the outcome for the conclusion that the judge comes to. And pray that the judgement that comes with the conviction will leave all those that deem safety and freedom from hatred a "right" ....If it doesn't....then a new story for the valley will begin and you know without a doubt if it isn't deflected....more will rise to the surface.
    This place is NOT.......Mississippi Burning!