Sunday, April 25, 2010

David White Pictured Hanging from a Noose on a Tree


We have unearthed photos from the facebook of David White and friends setting up a noose in the woods. To some, it looks like bunch of young men having fun with rope over a tree's branch, but in the United States displaying that kind of imagery is a punishable act ( This is due to the long history of the noose being used as a symbol to represented the lynching of black African Americans by racist white Americans decades ago.

Looking at their pictures of confederate flags spray painted onto cars, and other pictures where the confederate flags are fragrantly displayed on walls and clothing makes me think these people like to revel in the culture of the American Deep South.

Looking back at the video of the attack, I now have a better understanding of the mind set of these boys.


  1. Could his leg be any thinner?

    That boy needs a beak and some feathers. Cluck cluck!

  2. this is a rope swing in their yard, not a noose- way to let your imagination go though.

  3. By definition that's a noose. A loop in a length of rope which is tightened with a slide knot.

    That knot looks like a really bad Hangman's knot.'s_knot

  4. Are you serious! rope swings are tied to trees and they have tires on the end of them.

    This guy is hanging from his foot upside down while another guy is pulling on the other end. It doesn't look fun