Sunday, April 25, 2010

David Samuel White Cross Burning

In a shocking revelation, pictures were recently posted online from a friend of the trio on April 23rd, 2010. In a Facebook album titled with the date "08-09," David White can been seen constructing a cross on a camping trip. In later pictures, the cross can be seen set a blazed and a shadowy figure parading in front.

Erecting and burning a cross is an act of hate commonly done by the Ku Klux Klan for intimidation. Lets not let these foolish stunts intimidate the people who live and work in the Comox Valley.

I just hope nearby campers did not witness this burning of a cross that night.



  1. whats wrong with a good old cross burning. That black guy they beat up was a total homo anyways, didn't he start shit?

    Serisouly this site is gay, get over it live in comox...duh

  2. personally i think thats more pathetic then offending. and i also think this site is a bit offending and obsessive.My mother is white from england my father is an African American from North Carolina, i went to school with Damien greenwood he never said anything ignorant to me i knew he didn't like black people but he didn't go out of his way to call me on my race,although don't get me wrong he wasn't nice to me either.
    its unfortunate that so many teens and people in general in the valley are so ignorant and uneducated about the rights people of different races now have in Canada and the world, Its 2010 get the fuck over thinking that you're race is somehow supreme wen compared to all other races more and more bi racial relationships and family's are coming into this world eventually there wont be white people everyone will have a bit of some other race no matter how many white supremacist there are out there or just ignorant people who were never taught better or who were but don't have enough back bone to stand up for what they really believe in it just makes me mad. because i am white,and black and in no way do i feel superior to anyone.

    1. Excellent point made...Thing is, everyone has a bit of 'something in them' but because is it is not always obvious...Look at the many races in Canada as a whole! It's just easier for the racists to pick on color. First its the blacks, then the asians, the espanics etc. then when they run out of people of color, it i'll be the jews, then the romanies, the gypsies...then who else will the racists/nazis go after?

  3. Thanks for comments. It's reassuring to know that Damien is at least somewhat respectful of people's security and comfort. As for this blog being offending, I see your point there. However, I think it's important to show the rest of the country the offending and intimidating acts the young adults in the Comox Valley are committing.

    Some people might think burning a cross is just a tasteless display, but it reinforces a way of thinking and attitude towards other races. One day this might spill over into violent attacks against visible minorities.

  4. lol Tom. That's going a little far. Do you know these guys personally? Enough to say you know they would do it? This website is too over dramatic about things.

  5. tom i dont know if you are the one behind this whole website but i think its time to cut it everyone knows what has happend and the guys are being delt with but more and more crap is popping up on here. i (as a person from the valley) think its time to shut it down. you ran out of things to post one here so you put up pictures of their friends. look at them their young and stupid so what if they go out camping and burn crosses as least they arent in town protesting their believes and are out by themselves not harming anyone. and as for that jay guy i think you have preached to much, you have said your peace now let the court deside the next step...everyone just stop this its out of control!

  6. Hi Anonymous, Thanks for your comment. I'm the moderator of the blog, but there are others who contribute to it. I must apologize if the tone and content of some posts are inappropriate. There are over 100 posts and probably thousands of words written by different people and I will go through the all blog posts and delete the inappropriate ones.

    Since the blog's inception, the focus has steered away from a being a watchdog for this case. I won't, however, shut the blog down; but instead be the sole contributing blogger to its content.

    You're right about the identities of innocent people. I'll make sure to only blog on current information on the trial and to aggregate the news from other media outlets.

    I do disagree with your "so what" opinion/attitude on the cross burning. It's an act that reinforces hate and racist ideals into the youths in the Comox Valley. It also is an act of intimidation and fear for nearby campers. Burning a cross is not tolerated in the United States and nor should not be tolerated here in BC.

    As for your comment about the blog preaching about Jay too much, the only time we've blogged about him were only in the weeks after his attack. That was about 9 months ago.

  7. okay.. for one.. a good cross burning does not mean your part of the klu klux klan.. like come on guys get over yourself. your blowing this wway outta porportion. these boys are awesome sweet and good friends... this whole ordeal was just a big mis understanding... jay is a crack dealer hes not what you think... and plus everyone thats posting stuff on heres on there side except the news editors who are so bored with there own lives, they fallow men around. its pathetic. come on leave them alone..... GROW UP JAY!!! your going to get caught sooner or later ill make sure of it

  8. To think this is blown out of proportion is ridiculous.

    I've been beaten up by some rednecks in this town (legitimately for not doing anything, and them being high and wasted) to the point that they came around my house and verbally abused my family(Yeah, seeing a 17 year old lip my mother was great. To group all Rednecks the same would be wrong, yet if youre a good friend and think these boys are sweet. OBVIOUSLY YOU WOULD THINK THIS IS BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION. Its as bias as me saying rednecks are all goofy looking faces with intoxicated believes who only feel good with black eyes or making someone bleed.

  9. Wow you all have no life. and Tom Paterson you dont even know these boys. Maybe you should look at your own life and see why you need to attack these boys. When you accused is cought for his lies and these boys are set free i hope that the Comox Valley and you Tom will be human enough to appologize for these words and for the slander you continue to push upon these boys.

    Thank you for all the ppl that can see the truth in this and i cant wait for a non guilty verdict to be made

  10. Thanks Lee for your comment.

    I don't wish any hardship for anyone or have any ill will towards the 3 accused. We should wait for a verdict before claim any innocence or guilt. Remember the old adage: Innocent until proven guilty.

    I would never slander anyone, but the exact opposite, to report on the facts. (slander is when you go around telling lies and it is illegal)

    I don't believe I have attacked anyone, so therefore, I don't think an apology is necessary.

    I have apologized several times however for posting that a "Black man was attacked by 3 white supremacist." But that was because I, like many others, believed the first thing that was on the internet in the days after the attack.

  11. Its amazing to see the careless attitudes towards this red neck bullshit that has been going on here in the valley for far to long. Countless people on this blog support these racisit actions. ".. for one.. a good cross burning does not mean your part of the klu klux klan" from some dumb shit named bubbles69. Let me guess bubbles you like driving around in that redneck jacked up truck, really though we shouldnt put to much thought into someone with the name bubbles, furthermore with 69 in the title.
    You see the video and you simply see three drunk idiots hop out of a truck and attack. Three on one,in any part of the world, racisit or not this would be not fair. Further more this website is not one sided it just shows the facts, cross burning, racisits signs and the swarming. How is that one sided, you say that he is a crack dealer, if he is, then those three pieces of shit are racisits, redneck, lowlifes that sould get as much time in jail as possible surrounded by people that dont share there same views on race. Maybe a three on one swarming in a jail cell will teach these kids a lesson. But its probably not there fault, just a product of there up-bringing. Racisit people breed little racisit children. Can you imagine if Mr Philips did not know how to fight, those three drunk rednecks would have killed him.
    There is countless numbers of crack and coke dealers in this town, just look around on a tuesday afternoon at the 60,000 dollar jacked up trucks that seem to be just out crusing for the day. Why is there no concentration on these drug dealers?
    I dont feel this is blown out of proportion enough, I dont think Bubbles 69 or Mr E Lee or anonymous understands the level of intimidation these action portray, cross burning at the lake. you know how many families go and use our lake? and you say it not hurting anyone and its better than protesting downtown, why not protest your believes downtown?
    Because their/your scared. Scared that the town and the citizens might just lynch you and your raicists attitudes. Lets burn a jacked up truck and the confederate flag, we can hand out Brownings stickers and redneck camo jackets to toss into the fire.
    They will get whats coming to them, karma has a funny way of delivering, and when it does I hope it comes down with vengenace.
    Our community will not tolerate these kind of action anymore.
    These action are a big deal, front page of the paper today depicting four racisits erecting a cross and burning it. Lets just keep that in the for front of our minds, this is not their town its our town, It is not their lake its our lake, and these are not our communities thoghts its the thoughts of a handful of children that were raised horribly wrong.
    Stand up Comox Valley and let these complete redneck, assholes know that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. I hope they get the maximum time in jail to think about just how terrible their thoughts and actions are.

  12. Why should Mr. Paterson shut down his blog? This isn't a blind issue to these communities (Comox, Courtenay, Cumberland and the subs), nor is it something to be overlooked as "innocent angst." What the local media outlets ignore in publishing are issues that are rather severe. This case may not have come to light - and demonstrated a dark truth about Courtenay - had the Youtube video not gone viral. For anyone who believes that this place is pristine, and no where near as "heated and violent" as a larger city; think again.
    I grew up here, my family still resides here. Any respect and admiration I had for my community and its inhabitants has been demolished due to its lack of equality for EVERY resident. It's like wading through a pool of drugs, deceit, lies, drunkeness, anger, abuse, attempted rapes. KEEP THIS INFORMATION COMING AND AT THE FOREFRONT OF THE NEWS! To turn a blind eye is to accept defeat on ever living in a SAFE community.

    Sorry, facts are facts and some of these fellows have been nailed on numerous occasions breaking the law, and putting others lives in danger. Whatever the verdict comes in as; I hope they own up to their wrong doings, and attempt to become decent men. What happened to Jay Phillips is scary, and unquestionably an example of pack-mentality; three against one? Come one people. When did this town become a place to fear at night? Doesn't matter who you are, or what colour, male or female, gay or straight; this place is unsafe for us all.

  13. Thanks guys!

    I do agree that a new, more racial, "racist redneck" culture is brewing here in the Comox Valley.

    I won't go as far as to say we should frown upon lifted trucks (you need the clearance for off roading). But definitely, flying confederate flags and blatantly racist jokes shouldn't be.

    This racist subculture is growing in the Valley, and the only scares me even more.


  14. Awww, did anyone catch the guy who called himself "Mr. E. Lee"? That's adorable. Did you know that in fact he didn't actually hate black people? He just loved Virginia. Also, he had a pet hen who'd lay an egg under his bed every morning.

    Here's some couple quotes by the man:

    "Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or to keep one."

    "I think it better to do right, even if we suffer in so doing, than to incur the reproach of our consciences and posterity."

    "Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character."

    "What a cruel thing war is... to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbours."

    p.s. spelling 'caught' with an 'o' was the icing on the cake. I love you.

  15. Well I guess "Mr Lee" will be waiting a little while as the verdict came back guilty.

    One thing I'm curious about though is what exactly a cross burning symbolizes if not sympathy with the KKK? I've heard some (generally racists) claim that it's some manner of Celtic tradition but in the modern context it's a racist act. To try to claim otherwise is as stupid as trying to claim a swastika isn't a symbol of Nazism. Mind you I gather that stupidity isn't exactly new to these guys and by association probably their friends.

  16. I was at that party. I think teenagers nowadays have a different opinion on crosses and what they mean. For a 17 year old, a burning cross is something cool (if stupid to do) and it gets attention. They arent thinking about how racist it is, or how older generations are going to think about it. I am 20. I understand both sides. But I honestly think those guys were just having some stupid, poorly thought out fun.

    And as for the "hate crime video" awhile back. There were more reasons for the fight then the public knows about.

    That is all.

  17. when i started at vanier there were big racist skinheads prowling about, gathering in the parking lot.

    when i graduated they were all gone.

    when i was a kid living in the valley i would never see people of a different race, i mean never. now i see asians and african-americans everywhere.

    its stupid to say the problem is getting worse i think.

    but a cross-burning? what a bunch of tools. smarten up.

  18. First off, burning crosses isn't considered cool, even if some 20 year old thinks teenagers have a different opinion and what they mean. I don't live in the Comox Valley, but teenagers where I live have an idea what the cross means, and they surely know what burning one means.
    To try and shake this whole thing off as "kids having harmless fun burning crosses" is BS.
    You have trouble brewing in your community if the parents of these kids haven't taught them about what the cross means.
    You can pass this off as poor thought out fun, but it just leads to malicious though out acts, as proven with what we all have witnessed on video.
    Yes, the video didn't start from the beginning of the altercation, but it isn't because the news people wanted it that way. The video was shot by an amature, who heard a scuffle and started recording after realizing what was transpiring.
    Yes, Jay through something at their truck, but after there was some racial comment made about him.
    Yes, Jay may not be an angel, but his integrity is not in question here. They harrassed him, provoked him, and when he rebelled they had intent to injure him.
    All in all, if not deemed a racial act, it surely is an aggressive act toward aother human being, which ironicaly is the fuel for racism and it's growth.