Thursday, July 8, 2010

Date Set for Judge Peter Doherty's Verdict

3 weeks from now on July 29th, Judge Peter Doherty will give his verdict on the altercation that took place just over year ago between a 39 year old black man and 3 young white males.

Some have said the alternation was racially motivated, while the 3 young men said it was not.

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July 8th, 2010 - Comox Valley Record


  1. does anyone here know why Jay got beat up? because it wasn't because he was black or any other color, it was because he (Jay) threw his food at these three other guys who responded back by beating him up. and yes they said the N word. But showing the entire video and telling the WHOLE story wouldn't be newsworthy. like they say in the news business, if you don't have a story by noon you better create on.

  2. It's not about _WHY_ he got beat up. It's all about how it started and who started it.

    What I think everyone is so upset about is that David White started the whole thing with his unprovoked, and racially motivated verbal attack, then Jay threw his water bottle at him.

    David White was the instigator, it just happened he called wrong guy the N-word, and Jay just stood up for himself.

    I would like to quote Adam Huber, "It shouldn't had been said." Hopeful, no one else will get harassed like that again for being black in the Comox Valley.