Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adam Huber Sentenced to 60 Days for Breaking Bail Conditions

Adam Huber was sent to 60 days in jail, less time severed for breaking his bail conditions. As posted before, he was picked up at Lewis Park by police on the evening of June 16th, 2010. It was reported he was caught drinking near the concession stand and smelled of alcohol. Initially he denied those claims, but later, wittiness told police they saw him have "just a couple" at the lake earlier that day.

Adam Huber's Past Convictions
Despite Judge Peter Doherty telling Huber he was already on thin-ice and that if he had "so much as a sip of beer," he would be back in jail, Adam still decided to go out and party that night.

Huber was originally sent to jail for two (2) counts each of impaired driving, one (1) count of driving while prohibited, and (1) count of breaching court orders while at large on assault charges.

In one instance, police witnessed Huber blow through two stops signs. Other witnesses also saw him stumble in and out of his truck. He later left his truck, where police found his wallet and a near empty bottle of whiskey. Adam Huber was arrested a short time later in a nearby dul de sac.

He was released on the promise that he would not consume any alcohol, but two months later police found him leaving Gulliver's Pub after a disturbance. He told police that he "only had half a beer," and that it was "still on the table inside." Huber was arrested again, and released again shortly after.

The last straw for Judge Peter Doherty was when Adam was caught with a drink in the drive-thru at the very same McDonalds that Jay Phillips was assaulted. This time during the bail hearing, Doherty sentenced Adam Huber to 6 months in jail.

At that time, Huber's record already included one (1) conviction for impaired driving and two (2) others for driving without a licence. Doherty told Adam during the bail hearing that day, "Mr. Huber, you obviously have an alcohol problem, looking at your record and the kind of trouble you get in."

I hope this is rock bottom for Adam. I don't say that because I want him to feel misery, but want the best for his future. According to AA's 12 step message, alcoholics can only turn around once they hit rock bottom; this assuming Adam does have an alcohol problem.

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