Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Man Who Drove the Trio to Confront Jay Phillips

Through court preceedings, we now know the driver of the red truck was Justin Stanley Smith (26) from Courtenay, BC.

*Retraction made for the reasons made by commenter below*


  1. Okay... so rascists like tubing? Or is it tubing leads to violent outbursts? There is a lot of good relevant pieces of info on here but this is most cerainly not one of them. The line between justifiable observations and sensationalism is often coloured by non-sequitarian items such as this and I feel you are discrediting your views in the inclusion of this.

    The statement, "They video below, may have been from that fateful day." is both sensationalistic and grammatically incorrect and observations such as, "Posted publicly on his Facebook profile page is a video of tubers being towed by a small skiff in what appears to be a body of fresh water." is both superfluous and irrelevant. Yup.

  2. Slightly Less Concerned PersonJuly 13, 2010 at 2:31 AM

    Thank you for taking my suggestions to heart concerning this specific posting. Though the facts may tell the truest story, it is in the facets where clarity is often found. Yeppers.