Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trouble in Campbell River for Huber *UPDATE*

On September 17th, Adam David Huber made an appearance at the Courtenay Law Courts for "wilfully resisting or obstructing a peace officer" in Campbell River. Not much is known about this incident. As a service to public interest, and possible safety, Huber is listed as "In Custody" on the BC Court Services Online.

Looks like all three parties met for court today but was adjourned to a future date of October 7th where another date will be set.

Also, looks like a Presentence Report (PSR) will be presented Dec 17th, in court.

*UPDATE OCT 7TH, 2010*
It has now been reported that Adam David Huber was at an apartment party in Campbell River on September 17th. As we reported earlier, Huber was out on bail with conditions; some of which included not consuming alcohol or staying out past his curfew of 10pm.

Police arrived to the apartment to investigate a noise complaint. When they arrived and questioned Huber, he provided false information about his identity to 3 different officers which resulted in the 3/5 charges. The other two charges came from Huber breaking his bail conditions of consuming alcohol and staying out past his court order curfew.

This is the 3rd time Huber broke his bail conditions and last two arrests were just within months of being released. During this last bail hearing, Judge Peter Doherty warned Huber, "the first time that you look at a beer ... you're going to jeopardize your freedom. You're going to be back in jail. You know that."

I must stress again, hearing news of this really does pain me. I don't think incarceration will improve Adam's dependence on social drinking and partying. He needs to find the strength inside to challenge himself to stop drinking and partying. He needs to spend more quality time with family. He needs to stop the generational cycle of alcohol dependence. He needs to become that positive role model for his child.

I know his friends know about his situation, and they are just as guilty if they encourage or condone his behaviour.

Read More:

Man in court
October 07, 2010 - Comox Valley Record

Adam Huber was in court Tuesday for five unrelated charges stemming from an incident in Campbell River last month.

According to Campbell River RCMP, the Comox Valley man was arrested in the area on Sept. 17 following noise complaints from an apartment party.


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